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Christmas Jumper / Music / pyEss's music / Christmas Jumper

Christmas Jumper

By pyEss on Feb 10, 2011 6:29 pm

Not sure about this one. Had to make a track for college so I was a bit limited but I think it's alright, not one of my best but hey, tell me what you think.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Cheers for the feedback, always good to know what I can improve. I made this one on Logic Pro with a polyphonic synth to try and recreate LSDJ sounds and whatnot.

I like the the crunchy kicks and I'm looking forward to your melodies if you stick with it.  Works well with the breakdown bit.  I'd suggest when making kicks to not only use just one sound.  Vary it up a bit with pitch, length and volume cause after a while in a lot of songs hearing the same kick over and over again may get a bit repetitive...varying it breaks it up more than you'd think.  Careful of the high pitched notes too.  They can get really abrasive if too loud.  Try having the notes come in accented and then back the volume off.  Fading out a note instead of chopping it off is a good idea too (for some of the sounds definitely not all of course).
Also when you post a song it's a good idea to show what medium you've used since it's easier for people to provide good specific feedback without having to take the time to ask if they can't tell what it is (for example if this was LSDJ I could be a lot more specific with how to do the things I've suggested.  I usually throw a 1xGBC 1xLSDJ or whatever on mine (after seeing many others do similar).  Sorry for the novel...I love informative feedback so Tried to shell out a bunch of stuff for you.  Remember...if you have questions...PM me...I am very very willing to help out newbies to LSDJ.  Cheers!

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