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Retrothull's Profile / Retrothull's Profile

I have been composing and creating modern chiptunes as 'Retro Thull' since 2003.
The project was inactive between 2005-2011, but then activated again in 2012.
To create music, I use trackers. I started off with Impulse Tracker back in the days and at some point switched to Renoise. My sample library consist mainly of 8 samples, (1tri, 1sqr, 3sin, bd, sn, hh), which are 8-bit/32kHz. I often use all the advantages of a third generation tracker (effects, cubic interpolation etc.) and that is the reason why I call these tracks 'modern' chiptunes (since I'm not limited to any channel quantity or sample rate.)

I hope you enjoy my tunes! / Retrothull's Profile