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Night Ride

Night Ride

By savemegod on Aug 30, 2016 7:01 am

I hope you enjoy wink

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Plays rather well in the music racing game Riff Racer actually.

Definitely fits a high speed scene and I kinda imagine a final/near final shmup stage rushing into a giant battle ship of some sort.
Starts off with a huge storm, lightning everywhere just to make it ominous as ship appears flying breaking through the clouds.
Then a fight through the fleet with another set of lightning as the player enters the hanger for a second half till the core/boss.
That's just me though.

Was the last beep at the end intentional?
I just find it silly is all.

Overall great song I like its high and low moments, it builds up well.
Kinda wish there was a tiny bit extra in the second verse to enhance it but it sounds great as is.

Love the break into a latin beat around 2:15.

hot stuff. it's got a "tough-guy hero riding through the city on his way to kick some ass" kind of vibe.

i do enjoy very well done! big_smile heart

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