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By silreq on Jan 30, 2010 4:58 am

Another 1-bit shit-beat. . . 1-bit noize-modulation pc speaker mode on fast-tracker 2. Theres a bit of functions that don't work on 1-bit mode, also I think it get's synthesized as one channel, because there is a bit or prioritization and sketchy mixing that goes on, but I like the sound. This is coming from the speaker on the back of the PC (the one that usually beeps) not the audio speakers.

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silreq come back dude. we miss you sad

A rose without its thorns would be unnatural. . .

It's cool but... owch! Painful! It would be cool if you packaged this sharp little rollicking rock of a piece within a pretty velvet lined box, if you know what I mean. It's too harsh to handle on it's own for very long, but could be phenomenal as, say, a PC speaker solo in a longer piece?

I am actually working on an album of this stuff that will be one continuous track.

I request a 10 minutes long version. At least.


This explains the "pulse" mode, I expect the noise mode is doing something similar. All synthesis of sound is provided by FT2, straight from tracker to speaker, nothing in between. It also explains why it's better to mic up the speaker than to directly wire to it, although you can probably get around that. Cool track, really cool idea, I tried similar stuff in Digistudio, which can play mods over PC speaker, and Covox Speech Thing too!

AWESOME! My face melted.

Love it!  This could be recorded with a jack connected to the speaker!  This is great!

Amazing. Inspirational.

not the speaker itself, but what synthesises the sound for the pc speaker?

The PC speaker is indeed one "channel" in hardware, anything extra comes from clever software.

actually they don't sound that good in the 8 bit versions, reason is that some of the sounds and tones come from they way the channels fight over the space on the pc speaker synth.

Last time I recorded this I did it with a mic and was fighting the fan, so this time I used an old ass shitty lap top that had the pc speaker wired in.  Does anyone know if the pc speaker is 1 channel or not? cause it has the 2 modes pulse and noize, but you can only use one or the other, i prefer the edge the noize mod has.

This is absolutely BRUTAL mixed with brilliance. Great stuff! I'm interested to hear what a 4 or 8 bit version would sound like. tongue

Did you record it with a microphone or by soldering wires to the speaker?

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