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By syntheticaesthetics on Jan 23, 2010 4:25 pm

messing around with the wav channel big_smile
feel free to give me some CC... i actually plan on working on this one a bit more (:

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

Member has requested constructive criticism

just so y'all know

im willing to give this as a .sav file to whoever wants to improve it and use it as a possible colab big_smile

PM me if interested

thanks for the feedback guys big_smile

i will take all these comments on board and will act on them

but i have to keep the ass and titties sample in there tongue

you have a nice track but loose those damn lsdj preset samples. that kick could do with less volume too. killer bass sound.

This is completely fucked up by the LAME LSDJ samples.
Ditch them and keep the rest which is fucking awesome. The wobble bass is well achieved! You could benefit from post processing though (needs bass)
Work on your noise channel (I'm tired of repeating it: dynamics).

Make more! big_smile

pulse wub:

env: a8
wave: 50

everything else is the same as it would be normally


table: on

00   00   V0F   -00

(rest of table blank)

then you change the command between : 0F, 1F, 0D and 1D for the "lfo" speed big_smile

love that wobble. :3

I'm also interested in the pulse wobble.

Sorry, I BRK'd the screen. hmm


i guess.. big_smile

i reckon you can get a punchier kick out of the pulse which will really add to the song. also bring the volume down on your tracks so they are similar volume to the wav channel, then just up the volume massively in post production stages wink

what the hell heres the patch:

name: wub
type: wave

volume: 3
output: LR
vib type: hf tri

synth: 0
play: pingpong
repeat: f
speed: 1

automate off
table off

wave: /\/\/
filter: allp
Q: 1
dist: clip
phase: resync

vol: 90
cutoff: 20
phase: 10
vshift: 00

vol: 30
cutoff: 20
phase: 00

i found it somehwere on 8bc under a topic and changed it around a little i think

i also have a pulse wobble if anyones interested big_smile

how was the wobble achieved? I'm really curious.

thanks big_smile
im happy to give away the .sav file to anyone who wants to make good use of pulse two

think of it as a colab big_smile

This needs a bass boost for sure, got something cool on your hands though

thanks for the feedback smile
i havent used pulse 2 on this track so i might get round to adding some more bass later big_smile

Wow, I didn't think that was possible. Could definitely use some more bass. Felt like it was lacking in the low end of the spectrum.

haha thanks (:

Banging! Love the Ass n Titties sample popping out in there too. Good job on the wobble.

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