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Yes (CC = :3)

Yes (CC = :3)

By tacticalbread on Apr 20, 2010 5:44 am

DMG + LSDJ. I heart me some CC.

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Yes, it's pretty basic as Bright has already said. A bridge could be good, but what's already there doesn't follow a normal chord progression. It becomes very dissonant in places, without a proper resolution of the dissonance, and this coupled with very heavy repetition makes the song somewhat frustrating to continue listening to. Have you had much music theory? What I heard you doing was simply moving the same chord intervals up the scale without actually transposing or changing the chord, making for some very dissonant moments. I dunno if that makes much sense, but hopefully it'll help.

big_smile thanks a lot, man. smile I'll definitely add some sort of bridge. smile

sounds good, mayne. really great groove on the noise channel, and once the chords came in i was totally feeling it. for CC: the melody is probably a bit too present, and gets kind of repetitive by the end. Adding a contrasting (bridge) section in a different key somewhere in the middle of the song would probably do it.

but your avatar...  is GENIUS

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