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By thebitman on May 8, 2013 1:30 am

Recorded on a GB BOY COLOUR, sound is mostly okay. Seems a little off pitch, unsure of approximate CPU speed, and it does not like pitch bending at all.

Otherwise an okay device, might try swapping in normal GBC crystal if the CPUs operate on a similar range of speeds.

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thanks for the info, and, great article!

My noise kick is given away in this article I recently wrote for in my new series focused on using your understanding of music theory by trusting your ears, even if you can't explain the inherent musical things you understand.

dat noise kick.

would you mind sharing the instrument values? smile

Indeed, that's the heaviest noise kick ever. Sweet choon.

I have noise kicks running in this track, SketchMan3. You can hear it a ton better in my other recording which is in my songs profile wink

What what kind of kick is that?!? yikes

1:07 ...Oh man.

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