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By this-is-embr on Aug 21, 2017 7:40 pm

this is hopefully a new era of my 2xLSDJ work

I could really use some honest critique, I spent a ton of time on this

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thanks a lot for all the positive comments and advice big_smile I look forward to an album later this year and all the feedback

Every time I'm on this site, I'm amazed by what a few copies of LSDJ and a really talented artist can do. This is incredible, thank you for sharing!

I don't know much about creating this type of music so I can't give any constructive criticism, but some motivation perhaps? smile

I liked it a lot. I partially agree with Carrie regarding the second part of the song but I wouldn't describe it as "too hard". I just liked the first half better, but overall a great song either way.

intro is great. i would've enjoyed a more original chord sequence, globally it's too dancefloorish for my taste but i'm sure you'll find many fans, overall it sounds like you know what you're doing (although i cannot really tell with my limited lsdj skills)

Really really great. One of the best new songs i've heard in a long time

1.the intro was awesome the tunes just stopped in between instead of going smoothly at around 20 is to make the beat that was just amazing!!!!
3. keep it up heart

I like the progression of the song and how it's arranged, although it a bit too hard for my taste towards the end..
Good work!

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