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i dun wanna b alive / Music / wailord's music / i dun wanna b alive

i dun wanna b alive

By wailord on Sep 23, 2012 3:12 pm


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hey this leaves me feeling quite grey and the sound design is quite grey. very good

all the right ways smile

I like it. I think I understand this one, too. Maybe the sound design doesn't annoy me because my headphones are too bassy, but it sounded cool to me. Made me think of abstract inorganic objects.

The only thing I could say is to make it a bit longer. Although, if I'm reading this correctly, maybe it's supposed to end abruptly liek that.

The notes clash in the all the right ways, in my opinion.

sort of the point but w/e

Mee tuh. It's not even dubstep (hmm, that's a good thing in this piece...). The sound design is weak unfortunately, I would say it's rather annoying tongue.

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