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blowfish cipher [nanosynth]

By xero on Feb 11, 2010 11:58 pm

a photo of my clearboy after finishing the song.

i got my ems64 cart in the mail from kitsch,

then promptly got snowed in. i wrote and

recorded 5 tracks in one day, this is my

favorite... "blowfish cipher". i think im

going to write an entire nanosynth/nanovoice

album and call it "encryption".

composing in nanovoice is a lot different

then tracking, so i viewed the progression

of the song in a different light as well...

generative algorithms drive the track

what do yew think?

is the song good as is? or should i write some

leads/backing in nanoloop/lsdj to finish it?

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Member has requested constructive criticism

I like the sound and the idea, but it feels like it is building up to something and leaves before it gets there. I am not that familiar with nano stuff so this is perhaps just limitations of the software. I kept expecting some glitchy drums to pop in and maybe some higher-register sounds coming in and out, giving the main part a break. As it stands, it sounds like a relatively long intro to a live set and would work rather well in that capacity.

i feel like it needs a bass line

I enjoyed this song alot, to make this song better would be to create a less abrupt ending and maybe use some effects, but not too many because I think it would spoil the song

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