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Dreams of Wet Space / Music / yoshitohinton's music / Dreams of Wet Space

Dreams of Wet Space

By yoshitohinton on Sep 4, 2013 6:28 am


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Thanks so much OmO!!! OMG it sounds super similar!!! haha! and cool! i like that song!!!!!

I really like this song!  I don't have any criticism, but I wanted to say the beginning reminded me of the beginning of this song by the Stereophonics...

Wow thank you so much for this comment!! That greatly helps!
and totally makes sense. yes it does blend too much. I actually only know how to use sawtooth waves tongue
I'll study more and get better! thak you so much!

I really liked this track, the introductory bit is very catchy but complex enough to remain entertaining. The only thing is in from the 0:30 mark to the 1:10 mark the melody blends a little too much i think, but otherwise a really lovely piece. I absolutely love the sustain at the end, its has a jarring effect, which complements the theme quite nicely if the titles any indication.

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