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Vertical Blanking / Music / zneth's music / Vertical Blanking

Vertical Blanking

By zneth on May 24, 2014 7:59 am

I created this song about a year ago with my little dmg01 and some of that lsdj.

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haha, ephemeral...I like your vocabulary.
Well thanks man, I do my best, but its not rocket science! You should make a crazy ephemeral sweep kicking melody building master piece to prove yourself wrong!
Your Glitch track is pretty catchy btw

I'm so bad at using those sweep kicks and building melodies around them like you've done so skillfully here.

It does. Sounds great. Gives it an ephemeral kind of feel.

For that I was using my Monotron. I seperatly recorded 2 or 3 notes using lsdj   the Monotron and then just faded it up and down.
Normally I haven't  done that much processing to such a small part but I think it gave it some depth

stars fading in 6 seconds in background to 16 seconds, slides down an octave, goes back and forth till like 40 secs

wine glass sound? What time is it at?
Yeah just a little bit, but I like to keep it at a minimum

Love this. What is that wine glass type sound? Do you do post work? Reverb/eq/etc?

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