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Command Control

By µB on Jul 10, 2010 7:56 pm

Experimenting with adding a third voice in the Phaser1 engine by playing with the detune parameter of the instruments. Came out pretty space adventurey smile


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I like

oh my god , very nice ;-)

bon pantalon

yeah looks like you exploited the errors of phaser1 rather than the actual feature. which, in my eyes, is exactly the way how this engine should be used!!! wink

As ever, totally blown away! Another awesome track!

you should still try to make a table based on your trial and error finds and send it to ccowley though.

oh yes, welcome to the world of spectrum beeper wink don't ask me what the detune value does exactly, shiru told me but i forgot. i think it's normally doing what it says, there's 2 tone generators for ch2 and the one you hear when you put Mult=0 gets detuned. however, the result is pretty random as you can hear. well... you ain't seen nothing yet... try alone coder's beep tracker wink

Unfortunately there isn't much to a system to it, at least not one I can see. I worked mostly through trail and error to get what I want. If I knew what the detune value does exactly, maybe one could do a table or something.

WTF... unbelievable!!! ... dowloading module...

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