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Continuüm (little-scale influenced tune) / Music / tacticalbread's music / Continuüm (little-scale influenced tune)

Continuüm (little-scale influenced tune)

By tacticalbread on Jul 10, 2010 7:12 pm

Been listening to a lot of little-scale's Biometrics, so I can say this is heavily influenced by that style. Doesn't compare to little-scale's music, but that's to be expected. tongue All samples are hand (or touchpad) drawn, in Renoise.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

big_smile thanks a lot man! I just added in a higher melody-ish where I think you meant, and where I figured it should be, and I'll definitely work on the bass line. smile

Nice feel! I think that the bass line might move with the chord structure a little too much. Also, an additional instrument could have been added in the middle third I reckon. I really like the chords starting at 3:29. The use of long pitch bends worked really well.

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