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Reset Generation Anthem (Dexter Mix) / Music / 8bitweapon's music / Reset Generation Anthem (Dexter Mix)

Reset Generation Anthem (Dexter Mix)

By 8bitweapon on Mar 31, 2010 8:48 pm

Here is the main tune from the Reset Gen game soundtrack. It's the only complete song on the album (aside from 2d died) because Nokia told me not to put any leads/melodies on the in-game tunes. That way the short 1-1/2 minute looping in-game tunes might not seem so repetitive. Anyway, this is nes/c64 for the most part plus drum machine/synths/fx.

The full 25 track soundtrack is a free download on my site. smile

ps: Dexter is actually a Wasteland (Interplay/EA 1987) reference, not a Dexter the awesome Showtime series reference. big_smile

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Skillfully Crafted. Its so intense at some points and bouncy at others, thats the beauty of it,

I'm useless before about 2pm (my best work comes at night smile ) I saw it after posting.

Sorry if it was hard to find, its on my music page and not my store page. I added the DL link to the notes above smile

It fit right in with my LFO / kraftwerk playlist for the morning. inspiring.

I'm dling the full soundtrack now (although I had a hard time finding it on your site, had to google..err topeka, probably just missed it)

Thanx man!

This is AWESOME! More please!

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