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Cato Nine

Cato Nine

By Zan-zan-zawa-butt on Mar 31, 2010 6:45 pm

listenable? ;p trying new stuff with NES

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Member has requested constructive criticism

in my life i say this: zan zan zawa its the best nes famicom composer in my lists,
good luck man, this incredible bit,

thanks. yeah it's quiet i recorded from nes emulator and then basically changed nothing. a lot of the experiment here is to make songs zat take up such little memory zat it's possible to get a whole album in a tiny little NSF. so extra kick samples and ze like probably aren't gonna happen... and there's no room in ze channels for any sweep kickin' big_smile but i appreciate ze feedback

definitly quiet, but definitly damn awesome. maybe bring down the lead a semitone and add a more bass like drum instead of a kick, possibly even just add a bass kick in there to add to it. if it was more layered it would be fucking awesome, more so than this. well done dude.

Pretty sweet, I don't know if it's just my headphones, but it seems a bit quieter than usual. The bass drum (sample?) is really aurally pleasing, like a plastic rimmed washboard. tongue

intricate to say the least.  pretty amazing

so kwaii that its not even cute, big_smile

I'm always amazed by your sound design.

this makes me think of bumblebees...oh wait, constuctive criticism? I got nothin'

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