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It is today

By Alpine on Apr 27, 2013 4:54 pm

I like how it sounds, It's not particularly inventive, I'm not particularly musical, any advice/ crit is welcome.

For some reason, it thinks that the mp3 of this "already exists in our system." so I had to upload the NSF

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How loud have you got your non-percussion stuff? If you want your drums to pop out a bit more, you could lower the volume of everything you're able to non-percussion

Oh crap, only just noticed this! Yeah, that's a pretty good idea sketchman, I was wondering if it would a be a good idea to echo the main melody, after listening through the song a few times, it does feel a little bare. And you're right, I shouldn't just leave the notes plain, I'll try adding more effects with my next song.

And DD, what do you mean? I used a snare drum. If you're implying it doesn't pack enough punch, I'm inclined to agree with you.

I agree^ Also don't be afraid of the snare drum!

Instead of it being silent, the second pulse channel could be used to echo the main melody when it's not doing harmony, And on the harmony parts when the second pulse channel is holding that long sustained note, it could benefit from some Duty Cycle modulation or tremolo, instead of just leaving it as a plain note. Also, vibrato can bring a more soulful sound to just about anything. It's fun to use a variety of sounds in a song. You don't have to worry about taking up to much space since this won't be in an 80's video game. Go crazy wink

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