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Todos esos lugares Comunes (demo)

By Analog on May 24, 2010 8:47 pm

Slow, semi-chilled, glitchy and minimal piece written for a new production that i'm  working now at the moment.

This stands for a demo, since the original will contain bass, drums, and live electronics with another source maybe.

It uses a Gameboy (each channel recorded separately), a old toshiba notebook with  OPL3 and an atari 800 xl (which you can't recognize hopefully 'cause i have heavily proccessed it since it sounds so out  off tune).

please enjoy.


This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial (BY-NC)

Member has requested constructive criticism

I liked, but I was listening in my laptop speakers, so many things passed thru my first listening. But overall I enjoyed it!

everything with frequencies is a little detuned anyways on this track. Is like the "glitch/noise" profile on my chilled tracks tongue.

There's no reason to have the Atari 800 out of tune, it's not like it's an Atari 2600 xD
You should remove it, even if you processed it, I can hear the detuning.

It's meant to be noisy an a little unpleasant. is like minimalism with noise. Better not to hear my piece for vibes and gameboy on the noise compilation wink

You used an Atari 800! Woot! Now, not to be mean, but the first 19 seconds is kinda like someone with a glitchy gong banging repeatedly. It's actually pretty annoying. The song gets somewhat better later on, but the constant gonging is a bit obnoxious.

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