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Intruder! (LSDJ IDM)

By Grayboy on May 25, 2010 1:08 am

VERY rough demo, the real version is on my myspace page. Check out the High Quality song at:

In reply to the comments so far: Thank you for the feedback, I know it might not have the "DuBstep" feel or whatever, but I just consider it that since it had the strange bass/wobble noises. I suppose the new title of IDM is a little more appropriate? It's not the typical 4/4 kick dance music sooo. Yeah. Anyway, blah. Music is all opinion anyway so it doesn't really matter. As for the "Bassline", I only had four channels and I didn't want it to get TOO busy and sound like a bunch of static after a while. Although I broke away from my old habit of: Looping everything over and over in a repetitive way.

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too messy sound , too much lo-freq on eq

and i dont get the composition ..

Needs a bassline )= and remember that dubstep inludes the '2step' part
Keep up mang!

i wouldnt really call that dubstep. work on your rhythms. lots.

Worry about fame/selling your music later. Concentrate on making music right now. How much money would you pay for the music you make (assuming someone you haven't ever heard before, made it)? Not trying to be mean! I encourage you to keep at it!


nice hard sound. Neoretro DX?

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