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BOMB by dotdUmmy

By BLEO on Jan 21, 2010 8:08 pm

1 underclocked DMG w/ LSDJ, 1DMG w/ nitro2k01's shitwave.  I plan on doing more with it, but I was too excited and had to upload a new track here.  big_smile Note: the only reason I've given no rights is because I kinda wanna put the finishing touches on it before someone else!

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mm intense.  i like how hard it hits

When  Angels from heaven descend. The noise and bass of a howling arp Demon retaliates.

Word.  Thanks for the tips boyeees. Lazerbeat suggested than I work the track up to a crazy frenzy somewhere in there and I'll definitely be forced to go nuts on the noize channel then.  And yeah, that melody is kinda blah: I definitely wanna do something with that...

I agree, that kick is fucking intense! Also, the noise channel could use a little variation. Try making a new instrument and using some transposition on tables with the hop command. Set the note length to A1. Mess around with things on the table to find a sound you like.

Fuuuuuck man the kick is fuckin vile
Guess that's the magic of underclocking
I don't particulary like the use of the noise channel though, feels like you could put it to better use.
The part at 00:01:45 is the best.
The main melody feels slightly generic, but that's just nitpicking.

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