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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

By Jonnyriddle on Jan 21, 2010 7:52 pm

Constructive criticism appreciated smile (would particularly like to know if it's too repetitive? that is my usual downfall.)
Haven't mixed this one in ableton like I have been doing with most my other songs recently... Might get round to that at some point, but only if I decide to work it into an album/ep, which I don't think I will.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Haha, well thanks, I think. I do need to play around with hand drawn waveforms in lsdj songs a bit more... I rarely end up satisfied with them when i've tried before though. But I'll bear it in mind when I come to work on this song again.

Make your own hand made wave sounds and you might turn this into a cool tune!

thanks STereochan smile

CC: Noise channel a bit too loose (the noise kick effect is cool tho), lead a bit too repetitive, needs more changeup in rythm and melody (have the same problem often), the switch into happy mode around 1:45 was nice
Liked it overall, although it's pretty slow

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