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Know Yr Enemy / Music / Emar's music / Know Yr Enemy

Know Yr Enemy

By Emar on Feb 14, 2010 10:41 pm

Lsdj, stock dmg, a lot of intikrec and shanshui thumping in ma woofurz lately leads to subconcious influence (trying to take my mind off of rpm aswell)


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Clearly japan influenced, great track man!

yes, it is incredibly repetitive, but my tracks are usually overly noodled, i was just attempting to write a simpler ...trance? song with a central theme. im already elaborating slightly on this track, but it was just for funsies smile

I like it: however, it is very BIDDLY BIDDLY, and I feel it would really benefit from more melody variation.  Agreeing with Connor on the sounds being nice though.

dance tiem nao ya cunts

Very crisp sounds. I really like the melodic interplay on this one a lot. Will listen to this again.

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