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Neonfarbenlichterkragen (LSDJ)

By G0DLIKE on Feb 15, 2010 12:45 am

i made this in about 2 hrs on my way to the low level event in dresden. i needed something to fill in, cuz i felt, that i had not enough tracks for the night XD enjoy, cc welcome, ily, and stuff.< 3

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Thank you all really much smile I will work it over big_smile I had to hurry, cuz i wanted to finish it before my first live gig and that was the result of beeing under pressure. smile

I was rather interested in this track, the intro is a real hook.  However, I feel like the later parts of the song hurt what you begin with, primarily that kick that competes with the lead.  All of the sounds are good, but they're all trying to be the most important which I think is the main thing taking away from what is probably really well written.

seems weird without a snare drum?

I like the beginning the most. I sounds like the pulse kick is sort of interfering with the melody is sort of an irritating way. Maybe if you changed the pitch to something more on key.

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