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mysterious open mic hero

By Kuma on Sep 19, 2013 2:32 am

So one time, I was in philly and this kid came out of nowhere I'd never seen before!  he was younger than anyone else I'd ever seen at 8static, but he had the confidence of a thousand justin timberlakes!  and when he put on those lite up sunglasses, turned his baseball cap backwards and played his jawns, I fell in love!  It was like listening to the sound of a thousand Pitbulls saying "Dale" over and over again!  I danced and partied hard like it was ultrasyd rocking the last set of the nite even though it was still open mic, and I got so into the music, I didn't even realize 10 minutes went by!  a full double the amount of the alotted time for an open mic performance!  that's how amazing he was! 

Then, before I could come down from my hype and ask him who he was, he vanished, like a mysterious hero!  So this song is my dedication to him.  mysterious open mic hero, may the god's shine down upon you, and my I hope to have gleaned a fraction of your awesomeness with my meager composing skills.

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