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Left out {Adlib OPL3}

By O2star on Jan 22, 2010 5:26 am

Here is the last track of my latest album, "Sassy Wisdom." The song was made in Adlib Tracker II. Enjoy.

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Beautiful track, love the pedal point and the voice leading.

Adlib FTW!

hey thanks everyone for listening.. and for downloading SASSY WISDOM !!! smile

Sassy Wisdom is absolutely fantastic. Everyone should download it now.


Sassy Wisdom got me through a shitty day of weekend work building boring websites. This song is the coolest one of the bunch!

My favourite track off the album and one of my favourite chip songs of all time.  So good.

The man does it all. I dig this one, feels like a little bit of a departure for you, but straight up solid composition. Nice!

You know I'm a fan, I love this track. Distilled FM goodness.

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