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arabian turds, arabian butts / Music / freedrull's music / arabian turds, arabian butts

arabian turds, arabian butts

By freedrull on Jan 22, 2010 4:02 am

Arabian turds, arabian butts with a raggaeton beat butt. Milked in milkytracker for you, love freedrull.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

You dids some coolcool things theere big gai

The drum programming needs a bit of work to be proper reggaeton.
Sometimes the bass and the lead go weird on each other, but despite that, I really like this tune and the idea behind it.

Very cool! I'm not sure I really like the chord you chose for the stabs throughout, but other than that I really enjoyed this.

@blitz lunar: i think the key is not too loud, and use either none or linear interpolation, or some other low quality interpolation. but what do i know, i'm no expert ^_^

dat some phrygian scale

fackin' nice. good sound production on this, wish i could get my chips sounding that clear.

huh.......turds n butts.....lovely. nice tune actually

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