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Rickshaws aren't necessary anymore (v 2.0) / Music / Pastel Arsenal's music / Rickshaws aren't necessary anymore (v 2.0)

Rickshaws aren't necessary anymore (v 2.0)

By Pastel Arsenal on May 10, 2010 11:33 pm

Another go at this track. I've posted the rough draft earlier and I think I got it how I want it. added a basic 64 pad and an arp here and there along with switching the bass line some and the percussion. peace

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it's been almost five years now, but im back to say that i wasnt exaggerating at all. this is still in my all-time favorites. i really hope that you're still making music somewhere because there was so much here that i loved back then and still do now.... to this day ill listen to this song on repeat. thank you for creating this.

Taco you're too kind. but seriously though, "ever"? I could think of many many many songs that are better. Glad you like it though. Thanks for the kind words!

This is, without a doubt, my favorite song. Ever. The tune is simple and catchy, but still has a nice complex feeling to it. Maybe that's because of how you change up the background sounds...? I love the percussion that happens in the 45 seconds before the compression- which is also a part that I adore. The ending is clean and rather cute- and the whole song ties together very well.

12 out of 10.

No, it's not your speakers, it's a filter sweep and the lowpass is turned up real high at the beginning of the sweep... i need to fix that. It doesn't sound that way in FL studio, must be something after I exported it.

Wow, this cleaned up very nicely! I can't offer too much in the way of criticism here, it's just very clean. Except for a brief moment around 3:13, where it overdrives for a very small moment during your compression. But that could be my lame speakers. Great job!

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