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UNiX's Profile / UNiX's Profile

UNiX, formally known as Chip-Monk, makes music on two Nintendo Gameboys classing him as a chiptune artist. Lyam Bewry, UNiX himself, produces fast-paced 8-bit, guaranteed to get the feet moving; to mesmerising, down-tempo songs. Having self produced two albums and being chosen to play events from around the country, including the largest 8-bit event in Norwich to this day, UNiX hopes to increase his already promising fan base and widen public interest in this unique scene.

Nowadays, UNiX makes house music as well as chiptunes and uses a wider range of hardware, such as C64s and ZX Spectrums. He has also been featured on various podcasts and radio stations, a few being Future Radio, Planet Beet, the UK College Music Show and Break Thru Radio, New York where he did a 45 minute live set on the Saturday show “Live @ Old School Studios”. / UNiX's Profile