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not even a one line sig? with links?

it say:

Error (500)

Something went wrong. Don't worry your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home.

it would be nice to see signatures so if somebody has something good that we want to see, we can click on it... eg. new song, page updates, blogged something, you get my jist tongue

its only a suggestion, but i would like to see them

the behringer is fine for me (i got it unexpectedly free with a midi keyboard and ableton live lite smile) and i'm only using it for monitoring when djing, so unless you want to get a decent one, this would be fine i suppose


do you mean like that? can i submit that song if i give it a structure and make it less repetitive?

herr_prof wrote:

The things people do for their love of nanoloop/lsdj big_smile

too true...


i might give this try soon too... i'll take pics once done but i've got another c64 to concentrate on atm

withdrawn interest

declared interest in usb cart if you live in the uk but waiting for a price

great idea, i might give it a try next time i'm ruining a toy tongue

I'll drop you an email tonight, thanks

my mum has a walmart A535, i dont know how as we are in the UK tongue ahaa... i upgraded the ram for her for usage of the parallel port so everything is backed up now. Also, nitro2k01, i was wondering whether you would be able to have a look at my corrupt lsdj sav and see if its fixable, stupid gameboy pocket, it only have 2 song that i know are corrupt where one is only towards the end and the other has random instruments in the wave + noise channels (as far as i know). should i send it to: nitro2k01  at   gmail   dot   com?


interested in the control freak too if low-gain doesnt want it, but i would want pictures first too

thanks for the answer... do you know any cheap alternatives to the gb transferer or schematics for a diy one?