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By albino ghost monkey on Mar 12, 2010 10:09 pm

So yesterday was a grand day, In the morning I broke my finger, in the afternoon my 2.3 decided to poop on me and I lost ALL my songs (and they ain't coming back), and in the evening I sprained my toe.  So with that, luckily I had alot recorded but as far as the new album goes it is now indefinitely suspended as I have no way to play them live sad  So I'll be puttin up songs that unfortunately you'll never get to here live, on a good note, lots of new tunes are in the works smile

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What an awful day. =[

If it helps, I still have Last Chance and Goodbye on my cart (if you lost either of those).  This song is lovely and I can't wait to hear some of the others. heart

love it. sorry to hear about your bad day!

sucks that u lost all your songs, but I am excited your new stuff

Thanks guys, it definitely was a major bummer, but I think it was a sign cause these new songs are gonna blow the snot out of the old ones.......just wait smile

Absolutely lovely. Really sorry to hear about the dataloss though.

aw man this is just torture, all telling me i dont get to put it out anymore >:O

love arpeggios. mmmmmmm.

WELL FUCK.  I wouldn't want to hear this pussy ass shit live anyhow.  tongue

;_; heart beautiful song, sucks so much about your songs, been there 3 times. feels so awesome.

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