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Canopy's Chill (SNES+)

By fluidvolt on Oct 17, 2012 2:12 am

First track from Reflections of a Dancing Leaf. I guess this one was the most synth-driven out of the bunch, but it's got everything but the kitchen sink almost; ZX, SNES, and N64 samples in this one. Check out the rest of the album here if the sound interests you.

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SNES (plus) the plus sign didn't come out

I do have soundfonts, just wondering if you had a different way since you said SNES  tongue

Guardia: Hey, long time no see! Well, it's not really SNES, it's just the standard SNES soundfont game--if you want some of the soundfonts I ripped for the project feel free to shout and I can send 'em your way. As for genuine SNES-track-making, I know of SNESMOD which'll convert .IT to SPC if you jump through some hoops if you want to go the purist route; I settle for soundfonts/samples. Thanks for the comment!

Tell me more about this SNES usage, please.

Thanks dudes, glad you all enjoyed it. Cooshinator: I'm glad you dug the album! Y2k4ever: Sure, why not? Sent you a PM to discuss details.

May i use this for a flash game?

Aw man, I fucking LOVED this album. Great work

Wow, so nice.
Love the atmosphere you created!

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