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Warper Party 6 Year Anniversary BLOWOUT BASH !!!!

DJ Shakey and Banginclude's long-running night of "omnidigital DJs, biomorphic musicians and multimedia madness" marks a milestone tonight, with more than 20 electronically-oriented acts spreading out over the Delancey's multiple floors.

28 ACTS !!!!!   The bigggggest Warper EVER! 


08:00 Prehab
08:30 Owl Challenger
09:00 In The Loop
09:40 WerkBench 1.0 Demo
10:10 Heavyw8bit ChampionChip
10:40 Barber Sonora
11:10 BomberGirl
11:40 Daughter of Darrr
12:10 Anomaly Code
12:40 ATOM
01:20 Argotec
01:50 James Ellington
02:20 Mussy


08:05 redgreenblue
08:45 Lars from Mars
09:30 Grammar
10:00 Ekip Ritual
10:40 exaltron
11:10 Tsunami Bass Experience, Morphous & ShiZaru
11:55 banginclude
12:25 Friendly Knowledge
12:50 oddlogic
01:30 dj Ceiba
02:00 Sister Waize

Visuals - Upstairs

09:00 Permian Strata
11:00 VJ DoctorMojo
01:20 Argotec

The Delancey - 168 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002
Facebook Event:

I am probably the only chip act playing, but if you are into electronic music you should check it out!!!

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Montclair, NJ

I want to go, but theres no way I can sweet talk the doorman into letting me in even though im not 21?

matt's mind

heart oddlogic

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AvsB: I think some performers might be under 21.  If you are at least 18, then just bring a gig bag w/ you, and tell them that you are playing tonight and wont be drinking.