A split CDr release of 2 songs from each.
The music is unconventional and the hard/software more or less familiar to people around here.

More info can be found at

austin, tx not Detroit no mo

..and then i found a copy for download


also, here are the release notes --

"I love how the mist toggles in Baron Knoxburry. Familiar techiques, but different equipment. This is low-fi like you've never heard it before, a lot of bass, intertwined with chiptuned beats, it even has recognizable structures and melodies, something we're not familiar with here. I probably would have said "No thank you" if it weren't so beautiful. Even if you're no fan of chiptune or the low-fi sounds, I'm betting this split album will change your mind. But don't panic, the Baron provides us with the noise we so crave. Still lo-fi/-bit, but less structural and more distortion. Limited to 30 copies."

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