my girlfriends dad was nice enough to give me an atari 7800 while cleaning out the loft. Just wondered what i could do/get for it to make some music (if anything at all) sorry for asking such a noob question guys. Its the first time ive even thought about using an atari. Did a google search but it didnt really yield any results! Haha

Basically it's a beefed up 2600 with the same sound chip, the TIA.  So you have programs for the 2600 to work with.  Look for Paul Slocums work (Synthcart, Music Kit, Loopcart) and Little-Scales MIDI interface.  While the timbre's of the 7800 are really cool it takes adjusting to work with its very limited pitch if your used to something like Gameboy.  I'm excited to hear what you come up with!

yea i was looking at synthcart. But i read somewhere that it doesnt work with european ataris? Is this true?

I couldn't get Synthcart to work with my 7800.

However, it works fine with my PAL European 2600s.

you can also use pokey chips with it..