Matthew Joseph Payne

I'm in the situation of needing to replace the batteries on a significant number of EMS 64meg USB carts. Since neither kitsch nor Nonfinite carries the cr1220 battery they use, I've been digging around Amazon and the like looking for a source to get them at a reasonable price.

So question #1 is - has anybody else dealt with this? Has anyone found a good source for these guys, particularly in larger quantities? It looks like 5-packs on blister board are a common quantity, but reading Amazon reviews raises question 2...

And question #2 is - has anyone tested the batteries they've received on a meter to check for freshness? And does anybody know, theoretically, if the freshness of the battery will even really matter in this particular context? As far as I understand it, the battery is trickle-powering the flash chip to keep SRAM in memory, right? So the difference between a fresh battery should be like 2.5 years as opposed to 2 years for a not-as-fresh one?

I'm sure I sound really anal - we're talking about 3.07v instead of 3.5 here, but if I'm going to buy a little pile of these batteries, it would be nice to know what I'm winding up with and how it will affect the function of my carts in the long run. Thanks in advance, kids.

Long Beach, CA

This might seem odd, but have you tried CVS? The one by my house has a huge selection of C batteries. I even found the correct one for my Sega Saturn.

Bratislava, Slovakia

This CR1220 is VARTA?
I have found one in digital camera shop. By the way, how many years can this battery live? For example on motherboard inside case of my computer is one similar which is 12 years old and still running.


I found my replacement at radioshack, it was the only store around me that had it. They only sold them individually though, so getting in bulk might be a better option (each battery costs about $6 there).


I was told they'd take any standard watch battery cell.


It's about time to replace a few of my batteries, anyone know which batteries are compatible? Is any 3v cell okay so long as it fits or is there a specific type I should be looking for?