Oh, interesting, I thought the NES itself could only play back FDS and MMC5 expansions.

I'm still new to the Expansion Audio out mod, but it seems to be necessary when using a PowerPak. I can't test that mod because I don't have a PowerPak (yet), but if it was installed wrong, wouldn't it cause the NES to shut off when a cable is plugged into the jack? I connected pin 3 of the expansion port to the (+) pin of the audio jack, then grounded it to the silver border around the PCB. I only have a few NES games at the moment, but is there a way I could test the expansion audio without a PowerPak?

That's something I'm not well informed enough to answer, but I think the cool kids on #NESdev might be able to answer that question.

I just registered on NesDev, I'm sure I can find an answer there. Thanks for informing me on NesDev, Telerophon.

I got a little behind on finishing the NES, but I'm about to put the final touches on it and I'll (hopefully) have it officially for sale with better pics and the demo video in a few hours.

The NES is finished and up for sale, yo.

Price drop on the modified NES.

What would it cost to ship the NES to Australia? and does the regular combined-mono audio out still work on its own as well?

uXe wrote:

What would it cost to ship the NES to Australia? and does the regular combined-mono audio out still work on its own as well?

Shipping to Australia is a tad pricey, I shipped a DMG to Aus not too long ago, I believe it was about $25 for that, so the NES would probably be $35 considering it's weight and size.
And the original mono jack still works perfectly smile

[bump] Interest Check for the modded Super GameBoy.

will you add the link port?

The DMG link port has already been installed, but I'm adding a Ps/2 jack tomorrow and possibly some other mods if they aren't too complicated and/or time consuming.

Modded Green/Red PIL DMG added.

Oh, sick, I've been working on a batch of these too! We'll have to check notes sometime!

Also, for any of those with doubts, I'd like to publicly opine that Boddah is both a proficient modder and a cool dude. I got some DMG parts from him recently for a fair price, and in excellent working condition; that merits recognition beyond the well-earned +1 in the feedback thread. smile

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I'd love to compare notes, and I wanna see what you've got in the works!
Thank you for the kind words, it was a pleasure meeting you too, and I look forward to collaborating on some projects soon!

Green/Red DMG is being moved to eBay.

Only intersted in the usb bleep carts? I may have a 3-4 cart _ usb writer for sale in the next week or two.