Nottingham, UK

I'd love some criticism of my song "Cutback Drop Turn". It's an older one from about 6 months ago I've been reworking, but I tend to get lazy when I'm finishing a song and leave weird loose ends I don't notice till later. Any thoughts you guys have would be really helpful.

CutBack Drop Turn

And for comparison if you want, the old version. It's a bit stupidly compressed.
Old Cutback Drop Turn

If anyone wants crit for crit as well, I'm up for that smile

Just LSDJ and a bit of reverb.

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orange county, CA

I would say change up the melodies a bit, i feel as if i'm listening to a repeating melody throughout the whole thing. Change it up bit and get more technical with it. And after those build ups i'm expecting spme kind of heavyish drop and it wasn't there. It kinda throws it off a bit. Anyway, just keep at it man. practice makes perfect, right?

Edit: also, don't rush your stuff. If you're starting to feel lazy, put it up for the day and pick it up the next and go at it again. You never want rushed tracks.

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the intro has some great sounds, thats a great kick drum.

but its a bit of a shame that it decends in to standard chip EDM.

aint fuffink rong with repetition but yeah swap that synth lead round a bit.