i am interested- will be working on it!

Any reason why there are bpm limitations?

I think they want a mierda (=shit) comp.
So I presume it's to rule out funk, disco, dub and ambient noise stuff.

Im almost done with my track

What CC (or non CC for that matter) license are you distributing the comp under?

can i send a track from one of my EP, or they need to be NEW SONGS? and just LSDJ? why!? sad((

I have only ATARI 800... But I do Dubstep. Only Gameboys in compo???

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Is this still happening?  Is the organizer still checking the forum, answering emails, etc?

we probably got trolled!

ui wrote:

we probably got trolled!

Post ending with 70 decides which gameboy compilation I show

I sent something but I never got a reply....

hmm  I was afraid of that.  Not seeing any updates and whatnot.  I guess if dude doesnt show back up we can just do this ourselves.

Hm, I come back to see how this is going... Well, no track for these guys then =/