Hey guys,

I arranged, sequenced, and mixed this album on a Teenage Engineering Op-1.
Also used tons of video game samples, Bleep Labs kits, iPhone apps, and other toys.

Hope you dig it!



Mike Leisz

I like the duckstep song, it glitch,chiptune ,hip hop samples, dnb, duckstep (lol), like glitchhop!!!! Love the album!

First off, nice album. Secondly, why the OP-1 I mean, I get that its a fully featured workstation, but you can do the same with a computer, right? After all, the thing is digital, What's the appeal? Just wondering.

thanks guys!


The appeal of the Op-1 for me is the 4-track virtual tape engine. A year ago, I was working in Logic and ProTools, but I find those super gridded environments to be creatively constricting. With the Op-1, I can decouple the tape speed from the MIDI clock and shed the grid on the fly if need be. Also, I work way better with buttons and knobs than mouse clicks. The work flow I have with the Op-1 is kind of "produce on the way", rather than laying a track down and then adding processing in the mixing phase. I make decisions, and because of the "tape" engine, I have to live with them. Which is good for a classic overthinker like me.

Personally tape is the death of me, sometimes I break out the old mixer and play some bass and guitar and stuff. Then I screw up. But then again, I'm bad at planning stuff, though I totally agree about protools feeling gridded (if that wasn't a word it is now.)

Did I hear an Ozzie sample in there?!

this is ducking awesome!

But in all seriousness, this is a really cool album. smile

Haha, this remiknds me of a joke EP a mate and I did a while back, Songs About Ducks. Sweet tunes!

It reminds me of Flying Lotus and DJ Shadow. Awesome stuff!

this is insanely awesome.

wow thanks, the feedback i've been getting is crazy! i'm trying to get this out into the aether, but i am just one hermit-ish dude, so please share with any friends you think will like it! thanks for listening! quack.

edit: Yes! Ozzie from Chrono Trigger. Nice catch.

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