Hi! I have a Nanoloop 2.0.1 cartridge in good condition.
I also have the aluminium casing that came with it, but it's in a pretty poor condition.

I'm located in Sweden, can ship it anywhere.

Selling for €50
Send me a message! smile
or e-mail to simon[at]moire[dot]se

This is the most unique version of nanoloop.
It has 8 channels of noise, pulse or FM (no designated channels)
It's really a monster of a software. It can produce many interesting and nice sounds.

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Madison, WI


Madison, WI

While I'm here, though...for the sake of keeping the record straight on 2.x:

8-channel sequencer, mixing nanoloop with more conventinal elements, resulting in a "complex beast". cart with SRAM, made in china.

same as 2.1 with a few improvements, especially loudness.

custom PCB made in germany, with one single flash for program and data. software like 2.1 with more memory banks.

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What i dont understand is what you want with a 2.0.1 cartridge, when you sell the 2.6, and call them a necessary upgrade to the 2.x series? big_smile


well, he did list the some of the differences, but 2.0-2.2 can get some sounds that would be hard or impossible to get with 2.3-2.6...

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From what ive noticed the nl 2.x versions seem pretty different, the interface is similar and you could be navigating the program making music in no time but the way things are presented in each is kind of a thing to be desired in its own right.  I think im rocking a 2.3

Madison, WI

I want it as a collector of all things nano, honestly.

I have 2.1, 2.2. 2.3, 2.5.1, 2.6, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.6 (nano one).  I need 2.0, 1.1 and 1.5 to "complete the set", so to speak, not counting the really rare versions like 0.8, which only had 100 made and wasn't even a "nanoloop cart" as we know it, just a modified flash cart, and 1.2b, which was normal 1.2 save for the fact that pressing certain buttons would erase your memory banks on startup.

The only one I really want for its functionality now is 1.5.  And I had a BUNCH in the shop, but I think we sold all of them, as I can't find one in my personal rotation, so I'm kicking myself a bit right now. =/

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So yeah, sold. smile
Also have a 1.5 for you. PMed about that.