More information will come about this however we wanted to give you guys the first opportunity to sign up for the open mic for SoundBytes loves Square Sounds (It's on Valentine's day, so we went cheesy with the name) we announce it publicly or put it on the website.

Full line up of artists will be announced (there will be 4 live sets from some names you might just know already) as well as a bunch of open micers.

Open mic slots are currently limited to 12, but we may open this up a little further if there is sufficient interest

Book your spot here!

rad. i hope the date will eventuate in some cheesy duets wink

BOOKED! big_smile

Hey, come on, its the perfect place to bring your loved one for a romantic evening of intmate tunes, it'd be nothing without duets

Kind if torn on whether to sign up for this with Peaches or leave spaces for new chip bros.

^ fingers crossed for "sufficient interest"!

Chris - do it - I doubt we'd get to a point where there is not enough space for everyone who's interested - we'll make more time if we have to

Ok. Peaches is working on some special valentines tracks for it.

aw yiss

Les Incoiffables - can't wait to see your stuff again this year - some of us are still waiting on the promised EP tongue

I am so in on this!

More than half the spots are gone now, and a lot of them are people I haven't seen before which is exciting!

Um holy crap super excited for this now. see you suckers there!

So nervous and excited for this!

me too! bashing out some new material for my set over the next few days (lost nearly all of the songs off of my last ep to a hard drive failure last year)

looking forward! big_smile