Downstate wrote:

AMEN zomvor. there is a big difference between saying a gameboy unce track is 'gay'.....than calling someone outright 'you're totally gay / a fag'. Just my opinion. I think people are seriously being pedantic if they get offended if you call a super cheesey track 'a bit gay'.  Ive made that comment of course millions of time,  i wont in future on here, but what i mean is that i would never say to someone 'this song sucks you fucking faggot'.

hey, guess what? both could make someone feel uncomfortable
im going to call super cheesy, completely clueless and/or horribly stuck in the past tracks "totally downstate" from now on

Tacoma WA

This seems to be changing from talking about the new rule to debating how many angels can dance on the head of the pin.

In closing two close friends of mine were just able to get married here in Washington after being a couple longer than my wife and have known each other let alone been married.  As staff we've decided that there are attitudes and words we do not want to be reinforced and used on this site.

This is not up for debate however we do thank you for you opinions and how polite everyone has been.

I'm going to close this thread now before the politeness wears thin.