Pig lovers everywhere, we now have our own forum! To celebrate an FAQ and a Sticky


› what is LGPT/Piggy Tracker?


› What platforms does piggy run on?

› Which handheld unit is best for piggy?

› Which Dingoo variants run Dingux / Open Dingux?


› Where can I download piggy tracker?

› Where can I download piggy tracker tunes?

› Where can I download piggy tracker project files?


› Is there a changelog for Piggy?

› Where can I find the manual?

› where is the Piggy wiki?


› where can I communicate with other piggy tracker users?

› Is Piggy on Twitter?

› Is Piggy on Facebook?

More information to come!

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Best sub-forum ever.

Dont Forget the WIKI:

Sweet as! btw You have "what does piggy run on?" twice

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Yussssssszz!!  big_smile

I was going to add another question to the FAQ but I am sure I have missed some details or could explain points better. Feel free to chime in!

› Which handheld unit is best for piggy?

Cons on PSP misses 'you need to crack it'
Dingoo cons misses 'when it locks you need a needle or you'll loose all battery power
First dingoo line has a typo. Throw 'it' instead of is

Otherwise good summary and alltogether excellent idea

Cheers marc! Most of that information was dug out out of the huge piggy thread from a post bleo made which I followed up on. Anyone has anything to add to the pros and cons of any particular handheld, let me know!

Very nice Lazerbeat! Maybe you could be more specific about battery life? My Caanoo lasts about 4 hours. I'd consider 1h to be short, 3-4h to be average and 6+ hours to be good battery life.

I was totally thinking about including that but it seems to difficult to pin down, especially bearing in mind most of the handhelds are second hand and the PSP has different types of battery. That being said, I would rate them very roughly in terms of longest to shortest

Dingoo - Really long (8 hours plus?)
Caanoo - 3 or 4 hours
PSP - 2 or 3 hours
GP2x - 1 or 2 hours

Would you agree with that? can anyone confirm?

psp battery life is way nicer than that, but I dont have one to test. It also has a suspend to ram feature that really saves on reboot time.

Also that changelog is way out of date I think.

Got an updated one?

Recommended memory sticks/card brands?

The faster the better, and only by from legit retaillers. I like patriot sds and the legit highest end sonys are noticbly faster.

Im getting well over 3 hr with top end duracell rechargable in a gp2x f200 ^^