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awesome! Plugged you in here:

Cool! Is there any way you want the data formatted if you're going to scrape it that way or is it just ignoring line breaks for some reason?

I think its better. The plugin i use doesnt really have a function to turn urls into links, but i think you can at least view the info and add a little ics to add to your own cal.

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Just to reiterate in response to some feedback I've gotten over Twitter throughout the day:

  • I only intend for the calendar to be a data source, I'm not planning on building any website around it, but you are welcome to use this data in any way you see awesome. Just share whatever you make with the rest of us!

  • The location field is filled out to be the most accurate street address I can find for the venue. The point of this is so that if you're subscribed to the calendar on a mobile device, you can tap the address and it should open up and find the correct location in your map application of choice

  • I'll try to include a non-Facebook URL alongside the event whenever possible. I understand people might not want to log in to Facebook to see event details, but sometimes it's all that's provided

I'm glad so many people find it useful, please tell event organizers about it, or fill out the information yourself if you know of an event that isn't listed!

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So are we doing this pinup idea or not?

Dig it! I'm glad this is back, I've missed it so. Thanks for taking the lead on this DeMarko

Your missing BRK fest

Bit wish wrote:

Your missing BRK fest

You should submit it!

Bit wish wrote:

Your missing BRK fest

I don't know what you're talking about, it's there.

Also, please please please submit your events to the form, it makes managing this calendar A WHOLE LOT easier

Bit wish wrote:

Your missing BRK fest

Pretty sure he doesn't own that festival.

yikes nice!!!... i missed this post!. I will start checking and add events.

Muchas Gracias!

soUnds goooood dude smile

This is a good idea. I've always wondered if there's any scene in Chicago...