Hey everyone,

"The Early Attempts" is a collection of 10 .xm tracks made from 2009 to early 2010 (in other words, chiptune tracks I made before I started on "Motorway"). I took these songs down from my site a while ago to make space for newer ones, but a few people requested that I re-upload them somewhere. Plus, I actually think some of these are still quite good. So, for your convenience, here they are!

A little work has been done on them to smooth out some of the bugs and spelling errors, and to make them slightly more listenable. Nevertheless, you can now enjoy all of the dodgy production choices and questionable lead samples (I don't know what I was thinking for some of these tracks) in your choice of mp3 or lossless formats.

As all of the tracks and their source files are already available, I'm naturally charging £0 for this album.


1. Downtown Psychedelic
2. Influenza
3. My Spectrum's On Fire!
4. Dancing On The M%n
5. Get A Brian Morans
6. Plagiarism
7. We Must Peform A Quirkafleeg
8. In Retrospect
9. Sleigh Ride
10. Spectronosis

Download here. smile

And for some newer, better music, download this.

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Dang. Now we need a Famicom collection. smile

Rhode Island

such groooooovy songs. this will be on repeat for a while now.

ohio gozaimasu

hell yeah

NC in the US of America

Can somebody say FUNKAY?


Hey, me like, let's dance.


Even your old songs are quite awesome, no reason to hide them, thanks for sharing big_smile


I like a few of these tunes better than the other album.