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I just bought a commodore 64 and have a little problem, there's to video cable with it. I already tried a NES rf cable but sadly it didn't work. I now think of getting a cable for the video output. What kind of cable do I need? Could you help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

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...if your C64 has the 8-pin DIN for video / audio then you can use one of these for S-Video or Composite output:

...if it is the older model with a 5-pin DIN then it will just be Composite:


It has an 8 pin connector. Can I then just plug in the RGB cables into my TV and start it? Leaving the other black cable part?

Melbourne, Australia

Yes, you can just plug it into your TV:

Yellow = Video
White = Audio
Red = Audio

and if your TV has an 'S-Video' input then you could plug in the "other black cable part" and get a better picture than you would using the yellow plug...


Thanks a lot!


Would this cable work? … din%25208p


I think If your Commodore c64 has 8-bit DIN for audio/Video so for this you can use S-video for your composite out put..


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for S-video you can do cable by yourself, just need 5din plug and Cinch plug and connect Video out (PIN 4) of C64 To Cinch HOT (the middle one pin) and C64 ground (PIN 2) with Cinch ground (TIP / SHIELD...)

Sure I forgot...
you'll need to make second one for audio
Audio out (PIN 3) of C64 to another Cinch hot (the middle one) (you will need to buy 2 cinch plugs) or you can use Jack plug if you like to plug it to amp ...
and C64 ground (PIN 2) to this second Cinch plug gound (TIP / SHIELD...)

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It's all ok people!
I bought a perfect video to scart cable from someone in the Netherlands (:

Thanks y'all!