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Alright.  I have a strange scenario now.  I haven't been back to my place for weeks now and I'm not sure if I'm going back there any time soon.  I'm at my girlfriend's house and she has a MacBook.  I've obtained root access on it and SchismTracker, MilkyTracker, and DefleMask now work on it.  However, the MacBook is missing essential keys like insert, delete, etc.  DefleMask currently doesn't map all Mac keys properly for Mac OS X and I've submitted a bug report to Delek's forum.

Does anybody currently track on a Macbook and what are their experiences?  Are there any good ways to make chip music on a Macbook other than using emulators for older computers that have tracking programs?

I'm not installing Parallels on this thing.  I'm trying to do my best to not take over her laptop entirely and keep it resembling a comfortable environment that she's able to do her business, schoolwork, etc.

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Milky and renoise both work fine. If you want delete, function and backspace.


You can use xQuartz and Wine to simulate OpenMPT. That works pretty flawless.

You can use the function key (fn) with backspace to delete stuff but I usually just cmd-x (ctrl-x) what I want to delete. I do that on both Win and OSX machines so used to that method.

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Ok, so I updated the Mac Version of DefleMask. Please re-download it.

Now "Command key" + "Delete" will act like a normal deletion, Alt+Up/Alt+Down are backspace and insert.
"Command key" now will act like Ctrl also, so all the shortcuts that are refereed to Ctrl now belongs to the Command key (Copy, Paste, Cut, Interpolate, etc)


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> You can use xQuartz and Wine to simulate OpenMPT. That works pretty flawless.

Is this still true on MacOS Catalina  ? I can't figure it out.
And I can't get it to install via playonmac or winebottler either.

Edit : I found out from them on Twitter, that you can use modplug on Catalina if you get the last compatible with Windows XP version.

... and worked out you need to use wine-staging to get the toolbar to be the right size !

... and build & install libpng1.5.x from source cos you can't get that ver from homebew ! then the splashscreen and Icons all work.

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Hello, i don't want to start another topic, so i have only one question, i am under latest macOS Big Sur (iMac) and i am using now Fasttracker II clone from 8bitbubsy (, i am working on one of my older Amiga mod tunes (4-channels), but i am reworking it in Fasttracker II XM format (32 channels). I just want to know, if there is a way to play pattern, but without scrolling, i want to run sequence, but i also want to edit it in realtime (just like is key F5 follow on/off in defMON tracker on C64).