Hey all,

does anyone have a C64SD and is using it with MSSIAH? Are you able to save with it? Or could someone give me some info about it? Here's a link: … mp;lang=en

Thanks in advance!


Seems like it may well work:

Nice looking device, that.


Thanks for linking that thread (:
Anyone in here who has personal experience with the C64SD? Or any alternative device for about €50,-?


I use C64SD with MSSIAH and it works perfectly, in my experience. You navigate to it to save/load in the same way you would a disk drive.

I used to use a SD2IEC device (this sort of thing: … d085fee59) which is a bit cheaper and does the same thing. The C64SD is a neater package though, sturdy case & easier to remove/plug-in, which may be a bonus if you're planning on taking it to gigs, etc.


Thanks for the info!

Czech Republic

I have MMC2IEC (it works with Prophet64). Every device works different. it depends on possibilities of saving directly to D64 image created od C64SD.