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Hey guys,

Event page:

I'm hosting an event with Piko Piko Detroit and All Hands Active! It is at All Hands Active! in Ann Arbor, MI (close to Detroit, but much cooler). We will be modding Gameboys, building an arcade (this is real lyfe), programming vidya games, and lots more! We've been having these local events relatively frequently, and they've been a big success. This time, we will have some chiptune performances as well by people from all over! You probably recognize some of these names:

The One Electronic

and more XD (maybe I'll bring my violin? who knows)

Anyways, if you're down, come hang out, listen to chiptunes, and enjoy the DIY experience with an awesome community big_smile

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Will there be an open mic?  I've been meaning to visit a few of my Michagander friends and this would be a neat way to spend an evening.

Detroit, Michigan
jefftheworld wrote:

Will there be an open mic?  I've been meaning to visit a few of my Michagander friends and this would be a neat way to spend an evening.

If you come from Toronto, your playing

Sergy, France

you can totes play ^^

ohgodno, Indiana



4 - 5 Thursday Customs Presentation

5 - 5.5 The Fleshy Timeclock and Dragon 56
5.5 - 6 Nikola Whallon
6 - 6.5 ami ♥ nyan


8.5 - 9 barbeque
9 - 9.5 softreset
9.5 - 10 AndaruGO
10 - 10.5 KipJaw
10.5 - 11 b4by f4c3
11 - 11.5 Snesei
11.5 - 12 SpOOked
12 - 12.5 The One Electronic
12.5 - 1 Hunterquinn

1 - 4 Pizza and DRINKS at Pizza House (on me for touring performers)


Thursday customs will be at Modathon Extreme! He has volunteered to do a workshop on basic Gameboy modding, and will perform a short set! This will be from 4 to 5. In addition, he will be bringing lots of wares to sell!

Check out his website - - he is on the forefront of the Gameboy chiptune scene, and it will be an honor to have him!

Arcade building:
We will have an un-assembled cocktail arcade cabinet to put together and decorate, as well as the PC and monitor to install inside it - we might not have proper controllers for the beast yet, but with the machine nearly completed, and the software completed, I'll shoot the guys over at pianocade a message and see how we can put our hands on their goods wink

Video game developing:
We can work together on developing the Piko Piko Detroit video game I am working on, and/or games to play on the arcade machine, all the development tools will be available.

The DIY space All Hands Active! Lab cafe is next door for amazing coffee, and there are a plethora of restaurants around the area! Any out-of-towners are invited to crash at my place, hit me up.

January 26th, 2013, given the world doesn't end before then.


Haha, I don't recognize any name. big_smile

Chicago IL
nikola wrote:

Ann Arbor, MI (close to Detroit, but much cooler)

An hour away isn't that close, and I wouldn't call it cooler. It's "hipper" I guess.

Cleveland, OH

I'm so excited for this!

matt's mind

me too, from afar!

hope this goes well for everyone...  would love to see pictures of tables of consoles being modded...

Sergy, France

@Saskrotch, you are right ^^' I have an insane amount of love for my city, so I'm horribly biased. I'm thinking about trying a bigger one at i3detroit maybe maybe !

@kitsch, pix, videos, audio, and blog post coming sometime this week! it was a big success!

@justinthursday, thanks so much for everything!

Sergy, France

PS I'm a n00b and now realize that @ prolly does nothing on forums, oh well!

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its a great way to direct your statement however!

@nikola, congrats!  really big accomplishment

Cleveland, OH

This was SO awesome! I can't wait for the next one.
I got to do so much modding!
Even got to play a surprise set!


this was terrific! sad i had to bounce early ///////(getting doubled booked isn't as fun as it sounds)

much heart to everyone!