So a friend of mine has created a conceptual art project using circuit bent keyboards and I thought CM.O might be interested. Other than the actual keyboards themselves being a part of the project he is also getting other people to collaborate with him to do a new soundtrack to Snow White. I've been a part of three songs so far: There's Trouble A Brewin', Makin' Pies and another one soon to be released in the next few days. The songs are pretty simplistic since he's not a musician but they are pretty rad and kind of experimental. If you're on Facebook check it out and if you like it follow the project. Below is his artist statement for Snee Whittchen.

Snee Whittchen wrote:

Dwarfs. Nocturnes for Snee Whittchen is a project that uses the closed narrative context of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to explore nature, culture and technology's relationship to human thought processes and concept of mind. The project also explores the possibility of achieving transcendence from within the limitations of a closed system. One aspect of the project consists of seven synthesizers that have been hacked, rewired and altered by the artist. Each synthesizer acts as a stand in for both a dwarf character (suggested by quantity) as well as for one type of dwarf star (suggested by quality, primarily color). The viewer is given both qualitative and quantitative methods of association. By installing new sound options and distortions the “dwarfs” can now transcend their original limited traits both metaphorically in terms of the single disposition given to the dwarfs by Disney and physically in terms of the synthesizers broadened functional qualities. In the second aspect of the project a Snow White character named Snee Whittchen was invented and is alternatively restricted in function, existing as a facebook avatar eternally suspended in a cyber sleep. This facebook page acts as an ongoing archive for experimental audio tracks geared toward the compositional style of nocturnes and celestial harmonies. Each song reinterprets a track from the musical score to Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while also acting as a soundtrack to Snee Whittchens subconscious. The songs are realized by inviting others to collaborate, using only the altered synthesizers and live recording.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Seth Farnack